RB vs QB and the Citrus Bowl

At SB Nation I broke down the Citrus Bowl matchup, which I’ve characterized as basically being Lamar Jackson vs Derrius Guice.

Check out that post for a glimpse of the big time battle between Dave Aranda and his LSU D vs Bobby Petrino and the option attack he installed for Lamar Jackson. I also discuss the LSU run game and how Louisville will try to defend it.

There’s a ton of good players in that one going head to head, Derrius Guice vs Josh Harvey-Clemons is a major one to watch. You can often tell how well a team will handle LSU’s run game by observing the play of their safeties. If they often seem to miss the action, find blocking, or make half-hearted attempts to tackle the RBs…it’s gonna be a big day for LSU. If they’re getting set up to make plays early and aren’t afraid to take some licks to make tackles, it might be a long day for the Bayoux Bengals.

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