It’s time to break down every class in the Big 12

This is a massive, annual project I like to take on every year and this will be the fourth time I’ve done it. You can find last year’s class breakdowns at and the previous two years’ worth at Inside Texas on the message board.

Before we begin, take time to check out my post on market inefficiencies in Big 12 recruiting.

I always start with Texas, whom I help cover at Inside Texas, and you can check that breakdown out (FOR FREE) by following this link.


  1. Will


    Interesting write up on the UT recruiting class. Seems like with the talent left behind by Strong that Herman really didn’t need to put a lot of pressure on this class. That strikes me as fairly unusual when a new coach replaces a guy after three middling years.

    Any word on whether there will be UT upper classmen losses due to the transition? I feel like Strong had already kicked a few guys out/had some transfer at this point but my memory is fickle. Herman, so far, seems to be doing a good job keeping everyone unless I’ve just missed the news.

    • ianaboyd

      Strong was doing a pretty good job on the recruiting trail, that certainly wasn’t the problem. It would appear from the outside as though he should have had more chances to utilize all the talent he accumulated but frankly the development and deployment was very concerning. What was more concerning was how he managed his staff, the dude was poor at delegating and that won’t cut it at a job as big as Texas. Too focused on player relationships and not enough on staff relationships, in my opinion.

      Herman isn’t going to try and keep everyone, he’s going to try and grind everyone down until they are ready to get with the program. So far it doesn’t seem like many will resist, after all Strong did know how to find dogs that want greatness, but we’ll see.

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