Ohio State looking to re-balance their offense under Kevin Wilson

I’ve got a few bits coming on Kevin Wilson and Ohio State. This piece focuses on the balance he might bring to the Ohio State attack while another article for Athlon will tackle what has been going wrong at Ohio State on offense over the last few years and how Wilson will approach those issues.

Gonna have some quick-hitting notes on Michigan State soon as well, I think, based on some things I saw in their spring game.


  1. Cameron

    Good stuff except: “[t]he Buckeyes weren’t particularly great along the OL last season, and when starting left guard Michael Jordan went down against Clemson, they unraveled in a hurry against an athletic front.”

    Apart from the Clemson game, I’m not clear on the basis of this assessment. Leaving aside my own subjective assessments of the Buckeye hogs, they managed to be #1 in ALY, #2 in Opp. Rate, #2 in Power SR, and #6 in Stuff Rate. Ohio State has some areas of concern, sure, but I don’t think offensive line is one of them.

    • ianaboyd

      I think running Jt Barrett made things much easier for their run game. Numbers advantage.

      The games I watched against better Ds they were not impressive in pass protection and dependent on Barrett in the run game.

      • Cameron

        I think you’re attributing too much t to Barrett in the run game and not enough in the passing game. Hard to protect a guy who holds on to the ball and doesn’t have a consistent position in the pocket.

        • ianaboyd

          Maybe, but Clemson at least absolutely mauled the Buckeye OL and Meyer has made comments about the need for improvement on the line since. Penn State seemed to cause a lot of problems as well.

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