Previewing the Texas spring game

I’ve always maintained you can learn a lot from spring games and I believe that’s why you often see

-Smaller schools avoiding televising their game.

-Star players held out as a precaution.

-The ridiculous new “draft” format employed by teams like Michigan where they cross up their units and you can’t discern much about the depth chart or execution of team concepts.

Last year’s Michigan spring game was an absurd spectacle that included the unveiling of their program rap, with a chorus that has appallingly become a chant…

“whoooooooos got it better than us? Nooooobooooody!!!!”

I’ll be skipping the Michigan spring game this year to tune in for the Texas scrimmage. Here’s what I’m hoping to learn about the Longhorns.


  1. Will

    My pleasure. Got to watch some of it last night, your boy Jovanni Stewart is already making a name for himself in a really deep group of safeties. I am pretty optimistic after seeing recruiting afterthoughts (like Stewart and David Sills) look like potential playmakers to go along with the guys we knew would be playmakers (ahem, Will Grier).

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