1. Will

    Will Grier cleared by the NCAA today!

    Fun read Ian, I’m excited. Not sure how I’m going to wait all the way until Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

    As I noted in the SBNation comments, a win here would suggest that Holgo has the program at a point where it is truly reloading. I’ve always hoped for an end game that looks a lot like what Gundy has built at OK St. without the T. Boone Pickens noise. I think WVU could be on the cusp of that. I would love it if Holgo is here for another ten years.

    Tech’s D definitely presents some different challenges, including multiple defenders with NFL futures (not all that common in the Big 12 these days) but I’m encouraged by the presence of Spatival as OC, who has worked in the Big 12, SEC, Pac-12 before coming back to WVU. He is a guy who knows how to attack a wide variety of schemes and players and should be able to draw up some things to address the characteristics of the Hokie D.

    It would also be a really nice win for the Big 12, which could definitely use all the OOC wins it could get. As you note in the article, Tech should still be able to do some damage in the ACC so this could be a big one for the conference.

    • ianaboyd

      WVU is going to benefit from the fact that their own defense throws looks at them in practice somewhat similar to what Virginia Tech does coverage wise.

      Totally, Virginia Tech might make some noise in the ACC even as a mid-level team because of their placement and this would be a statement win for the league as a whole besides for the Mountaineers.

  2. Will

    Also, notable former Mountaineers Wendell Smallwood and Daniel Shorts come from that part of Maryland, so yeah, it’s a pretty important region for WVU recruiting.

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