1. jobhr

    As a non frog fan, TCU is always an entertaining team to watch and follow. Their commenters did a balanced job too.

    It would have been great to hear you mesh your schematic review with their personnel expertise.

    I’m excited to see Reagor also as his film is great. He is one of 2 OU decommits who I really wish stuck with the Sooners (Phillips, LSU is the other).

    • ianaboyd

      Good call, I’m still working out how to do these podcasts to create good discussion. It’s a bit tougher with three people involved, I think but these two had a lot of good insights.

  2. Cameron

    To sort of echo jobhr’s comment, I’d like to hear more of your commentary and perspective in these podcasts. You seem a little too passive, and part of the reason I like reading your materials is to hear your opinion. I may, however, be in the minority on that.

    As for Jamie and Melissa’s opinions, I significantly disagree with their diagnosis of TCU’s offensive line last year. I think they are projecting Kenny Hill’s struggles to get the ball out quickly on the Frog’s O-line, which was not nearly as bad as they depict. Looking at Bill Connelly’s line stats, TCU was 23rd in Adjusted Line Yards in rushing, and 25th in Sack Rate on Passing Downs. Not great, sure, but not a liability either. Crap, Texas would have been thrilled to have numbers like that.

    There’s a lot of things to complaint or be worried about as a Frog fan. Offensive line ain’t one of them.

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