1. System Poster

    Improving the defense mid-season by putting in more athletic freshmen and simplifying? I’ve heard this story before. I wonder if Stoops’s influence is waning.

  2. Philly Frog

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a college QB process as quickly as Mayfield.

    Auburn might be OU’s toughest matchup, but they have to get there first.

    If TCU does get the rematch I’d honestly like to see more of Robinson at QB. Hill’s not a true dual-threat, and we obviously need more production from somewhere on the field.

    I hear the Cotton Bowl in January is nice.

    • ianaboyd

      I doubt y’all move away from Hill this year. His ability to scramble on 3rd down is a major feature to the offense and you don’t want to throw Robinson out there in a tough game just to see him take a shot to his confidence or to the optimism of the fanbase unless you really think he can make a difference in the game.

      Mayfield uses his eyes well, if you watch his head movements he’s constantly looking and taking snapshots of where defenders are before delivering the ball and he does it on time. Pro Halo player, imo.

      Agree Auburn is a tough one, although OU took it to them pretty good a year ago. I think Wisconsin could be a really tough matchup for anyone just because their offense is different and challenging and their D is very difficult to block in pass protection.

      • Philly Frog

        When we’re down by 5 scores at the end of the first quarter in the Big12 championship game, I’d think you might as well let Shawn get in some scrimmage reps against their twos and threes.

  3. Basil Fawlty

    Great stuff, Ian. We have something special in Baker and sure hope the defense can holdup enough for us to take advantage.

  4. jobhr

    There needs to be a little context to the all the freshman starting.

    1. At safety, Barnes started because Will Johnson was suspended for the first half for targeting in the Ok St game. Barnes actually hasn’t looked great. OU will miss Johnson.

    2. At corner, OU lost Jordan Parker (So) to injury before the season. Motley isn’t finished at OU. Coming into November, he was pretty solid. James Washington beat him physically and emotionally so he’s going to have to show some humility and grit.

    Next year, the Sooners will return four corners with starting experience. I think rotating corners, like WRs, is actually a good idea because of the number of snaps Big12 offenses force. The Sooners will have that opportunity in 2018

    3. Middle LB was going to be a Fr or redshirt freshman for OU this year.

    4. OU’s d-line has shown HUGE growth throughout the season (Ruffin?). There are a couple of freshman who are redshirting that I’m interested in seeing too. That group will be a strength with depth going into 2018.

    Replacing the production of Okorokwo and Beal and leadership of Steven Parker will be key for next year. OU’s got interesting options at those positions with the uptick in recruiting the last couple of years.

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