1. Travis

    Iowa State getting both those QBs is pretty absurd. I wonder if they, in the back of their mind, see Mitchell as a RB so that’s why they didn’t take any.

    David Montgomery seems like a surefire bet to leave for the NFL, and they also lose Mike Warren. I wonder what their plan is there.

    I like what ISU has done with their DBs. It seems like the perfect scheme to protect “lower tier” guys from the absolute burners in the Big XII. Seems to me that Tech has found similar improvement by playing a lot more conservative zones with their back-end.

    • ianaboyd

      I would bet on Re-al Mitchell sticking at QB over Brock Purdy.

      I don’t know the plan at RB, maybe they won’t use one as much. God knows you don’t actually need one necessarily although with their emphasis on the run game it’d be strange if they went down that path.

      Tech actually played really aggressively last year. Their improvement came from deciding to make sure that, if anything, they’d be firm against the run and then adding some key pieces like DE Eli Howard and LB Dakota Allen.

      • Travis

        Hmm I’ll trust you on that one. I remember from the Baylor game them playing a lot of conservative coverages. That might’ve had a little something to do with Tech going up 21-7 in the first quarter.

        • System Poster

          Tech played aggressively against the run with Justus Parker playing as a box safety and the safeties keying aggressively on run action but played passively against the pass to keep everything in front. That’s what it looked like to me anyway. Although it could just be that lack of talent in the secondary made it seem as if they were playing passively.

  2. Luke

    Regarding RB’s
    They went after a few but never got their guy. Which I think they are ok with.
    Warren rSR
    Croney rJR
    Montgomery JR
    Nwangwu rSO
    Lang rFr
    Obvious they will lose Warren and possibly Montgomery but the two younger guys were dinged up this year and have a lot of promise (by ISU standards). It seems they RB room has plenty of pieces for 2018, but they will certainly need to get a guy this recruiting cycle.
    By the way, great write up.

    • ianaboyd

      Ah, that makes sense. Also the “by Iowa state standards” comment, so far the guys they’ve taken that most of us figured were solid have ended up being really good. They seem to have a good eye for what makes a good RB. I need to figure it out because I don’t seem to share it.

      • Luke

        I just meant they weren’t 4*/5* guys, but still good players… Also, it will be interesting to see how the RB’s and RB recruiting progress. Lou Ayeni just left ISU for Northwestern (he’s from Chicago and played at NW). They replaced him with former Illini player and staff member Nate Scheelhaase. As a Cyclone, I was not alone in the thought that Ayeni was sort of a RB whisperer.

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