1. Ben DeWalt

    Enjoyed the read I think a lot of people look at the stats and dismiss this transfer but from watching the Wyoming and Nevada game I came to a similar opinion of Brown (middle class Mayfield).

    The oline for Hawaii really handcuffed a group of pretty good skill position players. They spent most of the 2 games I watched way behind schedule due to sloppy penalties.

    I think one thing slightly overlooked in this article is that even though Brown isn’t a runner the threat of him running could open up the Okstate offense. The read option would seem to be a bit more dangerous with Brown as the QB threat compared to Rudolph. To me if you are helping Justice Hill even a little with the threat of a QB run the results could be huge.

    • ianaboyd

      I noticed him running some but I’m not sure he’s a better runner than Rudolph, who was deceptively solid for a such a tall dude.

  2. Joules

    Tate has more upside than does Ateman but also is a bit rawer at this point. I wouldn’t have a problem switching them and taking Tate early in the third and Ateman here.

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