1. Will

    I would be very interested in a deeper dive of K-St.

    I am curious about Ok. St. I think you’ve written about their QB options going into next year but I’d enjoy a closer look at their D and possibly the guys who they will count on at the skill positions to either replace the guys who are leaving or supplement the guys returning (they had some gigantic RB that ran all over WVU last year, which obviously wasn’t hard to do last year but still).

    Not sure what you’ve done at Inside Texas but I am curious to read an article on why you are so high on a Texas team that lost a ton of talent off a 7 win squad. I’m not questioning your position but I would like to understand it better.

    Really though, I’ll read whatever you decide to write.

    • ianaboyd

      OSU’s main guy is justice Hill, who ran for like 1500 last year and is now back along with the interior OL and all of their TE/FB guys. They’ll run the ball well next year and hurt teams throwing it if they can find a deep target and someone to deliver it to them.

      Texas lost a bunch of good defenders and returns a bunch of others. They’re in year 2 of an aggressive scheme now and should remain dangerous on that side. The offense is going to make a major leap because last year they relied heavily on freshmen and 3rd stringers pressed into duty by injuries. Now the freshmen are sophomores and the 3rd stringers are replaced by superior and more developed talents.

      • Will

        Since I have the internet, I looked up Hill’s backup, J.D. King. I thought he weighed in at 240 but it looks like he’s 5’11, 210 or so. That’s less interesting. Hill has never really balled out on WVU so I don’t have much of an impression of him.

        Makes sense on Texas but I think I’m going to be skeptical about the offense until I see it on the field. I see your point in terms of skill guys but I’m not sold on the Texas O-line. At least some of that is wishful thinking on my part though.

        • Ben

          Hill got injured against West Virginia last year didn’t return until the end of the game so you are correct it was JD King you remember.

          King is probably 225 after a year in the program and a true sophomore. He’s pretty powerful and has some solid breakaway speed but with a pretty crowded RB room this year I would doubt you see a breakout this season from him.

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