The Big 12 on the national stage

This is probably the biggest week of the year for the Big 12 in terms of their standing as a national conference unless the league puts a team into the playoffs (doubtful). For reasons I’ve articulated here a few times, the Big 12 can’t quite compete with the other major conferences. The demographics of the … [Read more…]

Recapping week 2 in the B12

I had a chance to look at Iowa vs Iowa State finally and wanted to get a few thoughts down on week two and the prognosis for the Midwest teams before circling back (tomorrow perhaps) to break down all of the enormous week three games around the league. Kansas actually won and they have that … [Read more…]

A cautious look at week 1 in the B12

Evidently Lane Kiffin’s FAU team may need a few games to put it all together, much like in 2017. They were totally overmatched against the Sooners, obviously, and made an ass of yours truly. My B12 title pick didn’t do me any favors either, dropping a road game with a sloppy performance against the Terrapins. … [Read more…]