1. AtownPoke

    I agree 100%. KState is KState and that’s not a bad thing. I’ve always loved watching KState. The stark difference in how they played football. The discipline and toughness they played with allowed them to challenge at the highest levels. The culture that Bill built took decades and it isn’t something to just be thrown in the trash. KState forged an identity. Successful programs are sustained because of the expectations left by those that came before. Expectations for the youngsters to do whatever it takes to take that identity on. That’s valuable and worth protecting which means the new hire has to be a fit. A coach who’s different but overall the same. A coach who’s consistently done it before at a program that shares KStates unique recruiting constraints. As a stop gap I’d say Craig Bohls at WYO might be the perfect hire, but if the age scares you, Klieman should be the guy. Norvell is a hired gun and there’s not nearly enough of a track record to say he’s anything special.

  2. Clayton Davis

    Funny how a lot of people thought Bob Stoops might be in trouble in 1999 when he couldn’t convince De’Mond Parker to stick around instead of bailing for the NFL. He was forced instead to build the offense around an unknown JUCO QB named Josh Heupel.

    Obviously, the advantage for OU in 1999-2000 is they were unleashing the Air Raid on an unsuspecting Big 12 defenses. K-State can’t count on a similar innovation falling into their laps.

    • ianaboyd

      K-State might have some decent air raid weapons but they’d probably want to add an important juco or transfer to really make it go if they went that direction.

  3. System Poster

    It feels like they dodged a bullet not hiring Littrell. He’s a good coach and will probably have P5 success somewhere, but I don’t see K-State being successful trying to out-air-raid most of the rest of the big 12 with worse talent. Littrell dodged a bullet, too, and maybe both sides sensed that deep down and that’s what led things to fall apart.

  4. Kevin Bailey

    We’ve sunk like $250mil into athletics. The donors should ask for their money back, with the bait-and-switch of hiring an FCS coach with zero experience coaching or recruiting at the FBS level.

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