1. Will

    Interesting list as always. Nice to see I actually predicted something write as I told you last year Cajuste would be on the list. You have any thoughts on his counterpart on the right, McKivitz? He tends to get props from PFF and the like.

    Sills’ catch rate was horrible this year and he probably cost us the OSU game with his drops. I’m glad you rightly recognized the better WVU receiver, unlike the conference.

    I was curious where you would rank Long given what you’ve said about him in the past. All in all, no arguments from me. I hope he comes back, he is awful small to declare early.

    Man, 4 defenders on your all-conference team and WVU still had a defense that couldn’t get a stop in the last two weeks. I want to give Gibby another year, a lot comes back, but this turned into a pretty disappointing showing on his side of the ball this year.

    • ianaboyd

      OU has often had some of the best individual defenders in the league but crappy overall defense. Texas wasn’t all that great on D this year, all things considered, despite having the best DL and CB and also having some stars at S and LB. I didn’t think Cajuste would hold up considering how many great players usually end up at LT but he did, partly because they were all at RT.

      Long was improved this year and definitely disruptive. I think he turned out better than I expected, mostly because he was better than last year.

      Sills was pretty great but teams eventually figured out you have to be really physical with him and who knows? Maybe he had some injuries late that hurt him. He’s really strong down low but also kinda skinny up top and Boyd was able to move him off his routes and slap the ball.

      McKivitz seemed solid to me.

  2. Travis

    This is a good list. It’s tough because when I watch Big 12 games during the year, I’m not really watching individual players too much. I do notice individual guys more in the Baylor games I watch more closely, though.

    My initial thoughts…

    Ehlinger at 2nd team is almost surely right this year, though I’ll take Purdy over him starting this next year.

    Justice Hill was seemingly surpassed by Chubba late in the year. If both Montgomery and Barnes leave, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hubbard is a All Big 12 guy next year. Stud.

    Strongside DE:
    I don’t know enough about Hubert. Greg Roberts from Baylor turned into a really good player by the end of the year. In 9 games he had 8 TFL, 3 sacks and 2 PD. May as well give Hubert the tie since he’s younger. Scuttlebutt from Baylor coaches was they would have killed for another year with Roberts, he’s the kind of big, long DL they are recruiting now.

    Great that you recognize James Lynch. Best Baylor DL I’ve seen.

    Box Safety:
    I was never impressed with Malcolm Rodriguez, but there aren’t a lot of options here in the big 12.

    Cover Safety:
    Ditto with Dorsey. Specifically in the Baylor game he got worked a bit. But safety is a position that’s hard to judge from afar so I’ll trust you on these.

    Good work!

    • Travis

      Oh and, you know tons more about Davante Davis than I do, but I have never been impressed. When Baylor’s Derrek Thomas was healthy in the back half of this year, he was a total stud. I think he’ll blossom in the NFL after being a 5th round pick or something. Totally clamped down on Hakeem Butler and Antoine Wesley playing bump and run.

      • ianaboyd

        It was a tough call trying to find guys for that slot. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn Dorsey is the wrong call but I’d love to hear some alternatives.

  3. Wes C

    Thanks for this, Ian. Would it be possible to put their class next to their names (Fr, So, Jr, Sr)? Helps in seeing who could come back next season for each team.

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