1. ninglu86

    Good Stuff Ian. Always love reading your insights into KSU.

    Just want to give you a quick update on the guys committed and the position they will be moving to. Not sure if it’ll change your analysis at all, but just in case it does, here it is.

    Taylor Warner recruited to be a DT
    Triplette recruited also to be a DT

    • ianaboyd

      I don’t think those designations are going to be right, that’s part of the point that I forgot to clarify. They could all end up as OL or DTs in the end, we’ll see.

      • Josh Kobi

        I think this is spot on analysis and also similar to Kstate’s best teams in the late 90’s, run the ball then hit them deep. Coach Klieman did the same as you indicated at NDSU. Will be a big change of pace from the rest of the Big 12

        • ianaboyd

          They gotta figure out the D though. Their style won’t work if they just get gashed on D.

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