1. Will

    Wow, you got this together quick!

    My biggest concern about the future of the WVU defense is whether they will find guys like the Stills brothers after they leave. Darius wasn’t highly recruited, but DL recruits of Dante’s caliber rarely come to Morgantown. That said, I have more faith in this staff finding under the radar pass rushers and playmaking DL than I did in Tony Gibson. Vic Koenning has very quickly convinced me that he is cut out for this.

    I am stuck on this fantasy of what would have been if WVU had this defense last year. It’s a desperate attempt to distract from what should be a brutal finish to the season and a long offseason.

    Austin Kendall appears to be the worst QB in the conference by a staggering margin. What in the world did people see in him in high school?
    Did you write up his class?

    Out of curiosity, who you got in TCU v. OK St?

    • ianaboyd

      Neal Brown built some good Ds at Troy so I bet he can figure things out post-Stills bros. He’s also got at least 1 more year of them.

      I didn’t realize back in the day how bad Kendall was at throwing down the field. It’s bizarre how bad he is at it. OU needed help badly when they signed him.

      I think TCU can get this one. Their D is starting to come along and losing Wallace in the middle of the week is quite the blow for OSU.

      • Brandon

        On the topic of TCU, and in light of their loss to OSU, what is their path back to the forefront of the Big 12?

        Was their success with Boykin a flash in the pan, or can they get back there? You’d think with their defensive ability they would always be within arms reach. Seems they have some pieces to build around going forward. I also wonder how much more of these seasons Patterson will be able to have before things get rocky.

        • ianaboyd

          They need Max Duggan to be the next great one. If Duggan maximizes on his potential then they’ll be right back there, everything else could reasonably be expected to fall into place to at least win 10.

  2. Brandon

    Something I was surprised about: Dillon Stoner’s move to the Z spot was really smooth. He will need to excel there for OSU to have a shot at winning their last 3.

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