1. Clayton Davis

    On that first GIF of Bookie, didn’t he essentially do his job by making sure the play was contained and turned back in to help inside? Which was completely blown up by DTY whiffing the tackle? (DTY did a lot of this throughout the course of the game.)

    • ianaboyd

      Containing and turning the ball back inside ideally doesn’t see you catch a block with a massive alley inside before getting driven backwards. DTY was done a disservice by the players underneath on that one, ISU’s motion also was clever and helpful for setting that up.

  2. Andrew

    Great stuff again, Ian!

    Previously, I thought Baylor wasn’t going to do much against OK, but with the way K St and I St played OK I am much more comfortable thinking we can hold our own. I’d like your take on the Baylor-Oklahoma game this weekend, considering the personnel changes for both teams.

    I’m of the thought that if Baylor can bring in some of the stronger transfer/redshirt O-linemen for this game + Galvin, it’ll provide Charlie more protection and time to move the chains. Especially now that they lost a DT to injury and their D continues to slowly go down the drain.

    On the Baylor D, I know a shut out would be the stuff of legends, but I doubt it’ll happen. I know the OK O-line is good, but nothing like last year. Also, they lost a good receiver to injury. So, given how strong our D is, I’m thinking there will be some takeaways that will help get the ball back to our O.

    I am much more hopeful that we’ll make it to the B12 championship game!


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