1. Hey Ian,

    I agree with your take 100%! All the articles celebrating the return of the RB seem to omit the fact that essentially a game of a career performance of a RB still only yielded the Titans 14 points that’s almost never enough to beat the Pats…
    The takeaway from this game should be if you only pass for 72 yards in a game you’re not gonna be scoring too many points

  2. Clayton Davis


    “So despite the apparent throwback to bull-dozing backs and prolific running performances, the best strategy for the playoff defenses may actually be to follow Belichick‚Äôs lead, letting their opponents flex their running muscles rather than making them throw. With passing, the yards are still much easier to come by, and the points are more certain to follow.”

    The Belichick reference is for the gameplan he had against Buffalo in the Super Bowl as NY Giants DC, when he conceded the ground to Buffalo but limited Buffalo to a season low in the air.

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