1. Will

    Really enjoyed this overview. And of course got a kick out of the WVU theme throughout.

    I had the same initial reaction on Scottie Young. Digging in, I think it’s a couple things. 1) As you note, He’s a starting caliber player and the roster is still way short on depth everywhere, there was a ton of attrition last year. 2) This roster is particularly thin at LB and I think that they’ll opt to play a lot of 6 DB defense where they can. Or just play a safety at LBer, which has happened two years in a row with your boy Jovanni Stewart in 18 and Exree Loe in 19.

    Belt is eligible for two years, which is nice. But yeah, just seems like a body. One that is badly needed.

    As I recall, Gundy scored some big time transfers when Rudolph and Washington came back (LT and CB, I think, Space Force!). Dude is willing to put all his chips in when he’s got some face cards. Too bad they don’t play anyone interesting out of conference.

    LOL at the UCLA-OU pipeline. You think getting whooped two years in a row was a good recruiting tool?

    • ianaboyd

      Playing more 6 DB sets would obviously have my approval. Especially when your best players are on the DL, make opponents have to deal with those guys directly.

      Yeah, Gundy got the Cal LT Aaron Cochran and someone else that I don’t recall off the top of my head the year he recruited Rudolph and J-Wash to come back as seniors. That was wild, but they couldn’t figure out the D so it didn’t matter. Also they had like 4 turnovers or something against TCU. The Frogs couldn’t even really stop them, they just made some big plays on defense that really counted and generated turnovers.

      Probably on the UCLA to OU deal! Haha. I bet those guys watched the OU offense and thought, “man, that sure looks fun.”

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