PFPurdy and the post-Butler offense

I recently watched Iowa State‚Äôs bowl game against Washington State and noted that their usage of 12 personnel was still ticking upwards at that point. I read on 247 that they spent 40% of the season in 12 personnel, which is quite a bit. Over at Football Study Hall I took stock of their offensive … [Read more…]

Big 12 Twitter-bag Vol. IX

I’ve been trying to gather news and tidbits on some of the developments in spring football across the league but hadn’t really put enough together to make a full post yet. So I’m opening it up to take questions and conversation starters from the Twitter-bags on what the picture for the 2019 Big 12 season … [Read more…]

Breaking down Kansas’ 2019 recruiting class

Les Miles, like most every other coach hired by Kansas for the last decade or so, has a tough task ahead of him. However, it’s a little less tough thanks to the roster building of David Beaty which was ineffective but at least left something approaching real scholarship numbers behind. Beaty had an impossible task … [Read more…]