The other half of the B12

The other half being anyone that isn’t Oklahoma or Texas, who tend to suck up at least half of the oxygen in the room, particularly around the RRS. Baylor This is probably one of the worst 4-2 teams in the country. S&P+ has them 64th nationally with the nation’s no. 22 offense and no. 107 … [Read more…]

What’s next for OU?

Things are starting to trickle out of Norman about the state of the program and issues that were dormant to the public while the team kept winning are now awake. This sort of thing tends to be true of every team, I’m sure Alabama has issues right now that no one would ever guess at … [Read more…]

What’s next for Snyder-ball?

I’ve been watching Kansas State pretty carefully this season. Initially they seemed like a potential dark horse Big 12 contender but now they’re a just a mess with a 78-year old coach who has defined the entire history of the program and currently has a really murky succession plan. For a strategy wonk the Wildcats … [Read more…]

Big 12 week five

A re-occuring topic on this blog is the art of playing defense in the Big 12. The league is known for its offenses while the defenses often have scorn heaped on them, sometimes justifiably, but it’s clearly hard to play great defense in this league and the teams that can do it tend to stand … [Read more…]

Podcasting on K-State

Later today I’ll have my column up on Inside Texas that will cover K-State and some of their issues this season (now up!) but in the meantime, here’s a podcast I recorded with “the short side option” on the Texas-KSU battle and what I’ve been seeing from either team: The latest edition of The Short … [Read more…]

The Big 12 on the national stage

This is probably the biggest week of the year for the Big 12 in terms of their standing as a national conference unless the league puts a team into the playoffs (doubtful). For reasons I’ve articulated here a few times, the Big 12 can’t quite compete with the other major conferences. The demographics of the … [Read more…]

Recapping week 2 in the B12

I had a chance to look at Iowa vs Iowa State finally and wanted to get a few thoughts down on week two and the prognosis for the Midwest teams before circling back (tomorrow perhaps) to break down all of the enormous week three games around the league. Kansas actually won and they have that … [Read more…]