How’s this B12 title race shaping up?

We had a few games of real import last weekend in terms of the title race. It’s important that Oklahoma and West Virginia both took care of business without slip ups, but the games that change some of the equation were Iowa State’s victory over Texas Tech and Oklahoma State’s upset of Texas. Recapping the … [Read more…]

Texas vs OSU and big games in the title race

I broke down the Texas-OSU matchup on Inside Texas and that link is free for all! It should be interesting to people curious about what’s happening in Stillwater this year since I spend a lot of time dissecting some of Oklahoma State’s issues and detailing the big questions facing Mike Gundy. A crucial point regarding … [Read more…]

The other half of the B12

The other half being anyone that isn’t Oklahoma or Texas, who tend to suck up at least half of the oxygen in the room, particularly around the RRS. Baylor This is probably one of the worst 4-2 teams in the country. S&P+ has them 64th nationally with the nation’s no. 22 offense and no. 107 … [Read more…]