1. Nick

    I was reading your article about the “Five factors” and wanted know how should teams go about being efficient while generating explosive plays.

    Should they focus on effiecient plays and let explosives come from the talent of the person with the ball.

    Or focus on generating explosives by design like like deep playaction passes, after they have used more conservative plays to get them into a favorable situation to run explosive plays.

    I couldnt find this post on this site and wasn’t sure you were still checking the blogspot site. This is a great block and the links above are excellent.

    • ianaboyd

      That’s a Bill Connelly construction, the 5 Factors.

      I think a systematic approach to explosives is a good way to do it but relying on key players is probably more consistent if you actually have stars on your roster. If you don’t, you need the system to help them out. Systems that help generate play-action opportunities are generally the best.

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