Against the spread: Week 1 in the B12

This always seems like a good way to talk about the various teams across the league, to look at the Vegas odds and make comments in one direction or another. I’ve typically been about as good as picking against the spread as I’ve been at picking playoff teams. I’m always a sucker for making the … [Read more…]

My 2018 playoff picks

I guess technically the playoffs will be in 2019 but whatever, this will be clearer. My picks are normally pretty terrible, last year I took a somewhat serious stab at it after years of throwing out some interesting picks and missed wildly once again. The picks? USC, Auburn, Florida State, and Wisconsin. Of course it … [Read more…]

The models’ projections of the 2018 B12 season

Everyone loves models these days. Not the kind that post pictures of themselves on Instagram and somehow derive a career from that enterprise, but the kind that forecast upcoming events in complex systems. For the most part, the good models are awesome and super useful for creating a picture of likely outcomes. My man Bill … [Read more…]

Oklahoma’s identity on D in 2018

I noticed that Mike Stoops recently made a media appearance and I was drawn in like a moth to the flame: Here’s a few of the major takeaways I had from this little session: “Steady work in progress” The Sooners haven’t yet determined who their starting lineup will be or who/what they’ll build their defense … [Read more…]

2018: Year of the running QB in the Big 12?

Last year’s B12 season figured to be defined by the QB play since most everyone was bringing a veteran into the season, some of which were all-time greats. That indeed proved an important plot line for the season, but the rise of dime defense was also a major event as teams got innovative out of … [Read more…]

Big 12 Twitter-bag Vol. VIII

Alright twitter-bags, there have been a few more developments around the Big 12’s fall camps that warrant some discussion and commentary. Let’s just dive right in: This isn’t really a question, just a nice link from Julian updating the Will Sunderland story. This dude was going to be the free safety for OU last year … [Read more…]

Fall camp notes around the B12

I thought I’d accumulate some notes accumulating around the league from fall camps and give some commentary. Big questions for most teams include: -Can they overstress a defense with two dominant features? -Do they have effective leadership at QB? -Can their defense attack opponents or are they going to have to turtle up and pray … [Read more…]

Big 12 power rankings?

One of the big questions I keep getting heading into the season is my official, 1-10 rankings of the Big 12 for the 2018 season. I’ve made my pick to win it already, the Texas Longhorns, but people are keen to see how I think the rest of the league will shake out in terms … [Read more…]