The dime rover

Over at Football Study Hall I explain the tite-robber defense, the ascendancy of base dime defense, and how base dime personnel will look once this becomes a mainstay across the country. As I explained on Twitter recently, and really bears repeating here and probably again with greater depth in a future article, Texas’ defensive breakthrough … [Read more…]

Big 12 Over/Unders for 2018

Yesterday some vegas odds on total wins for the Big 12 came out and had Twitter and the message boards alight with people mocking Vegas for their silly numbers. Big 12 win totals from @BetDSI — Tom Fornelli (@TomFornelli) May 7, 2018 My original reaction was dismay and scorn for a lot of these … [Read more…]

Everyone needs to switch screens

That’s been one of the big lessons in the NBA this year. Sure, Utah got a lot of mileage out of trying to guide ball handlers to Rudy Gobert all year but that’s reaching it’s limits as a strategy against the three-point hunting Houston Rockets. And yes, a few teams won round one series by … [Read more…]