1. GT Counterfeit

    Hey Ian. Long time, first time, OU grad/fan here. Just wanted to say thanks for an especially insightful and enjoyable piece. Folks like you, Chris B Brown, Noah Riley and James Light have furthered my understanding of the game immensely in the last few years. And its never more welcome than at a time like this. Fingers crossed for a “normal” season this year. As Lincoln Riley said yesterday, the world is going to need it!

  2. Matt

    Another thing about “infiltration” tactics was that they acknowledged the futility of managing a grand detailed plan of operations from afar, opting instead for junior officers on the spot to exercise initiative.
    (quote from Wikipedia)

    The RPO is born!

    • ianaboyd

      Oh for sure.

      I tried to develop that idea somewhat in the article and definitely in my book. Joe Burrow with authority and options to make decisions pre-snap or post-snap is going to destroy a DC’s gameplan. It’s just more flexible.

      Similar dynamic to why Kyler Murray and Vince Young were so freaking hard to stop. The play could start and their speed would allow them to extend things and adjust live in ways that the defenders weren’t equipped to respond to.

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