Ian, love your commentary, as always. Will you do a deep dive comparison between Michigan and Texas? Lots of parallels; UM vs tOSU = UT vs OU. The “next big thing” coach, although admittedly Harbough has a better resume than Herman. Talented rosters failing to produce on the field.

    • ianaboyd

      Same failures of strategy. Also, both had some bad ADs that didn’t help. Hard to get your strategy right without the right administration and leadership/accountability at the top.

      Texas’ failure has been worse on a few levels. For one, the right strategy at Texas is much more obvious because you can see it at the local high schools on Friday nights. For another, they’ve sucked much harder than Michigan over the last decade.

  2. Clayton Davis

    You got it backwards. Clemson took their time in 2015 to finally race ahead in the second half against OU in that first round. In 2016, they destroyed Ohio State in the first round 31-0.

  3. Jason

    Got the year wrong on the Newsome inury. It was 2016 and then they had to reshuffle mid season. QB cracked collarbone and played with it in Columbus and in the Bowl game. None of this makes your analysis wrong just more frustrating for M fans as that 2016 team really had a shot, very complete space force (look at the DBs), except the QB. Additionally, OSU still hadn’t adjusted.

  4. Matt

    What’s your take on how Clemson has dominated when they haven’t had elite tackle play? How do they compensate?

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