1. Cameron

    Upon seeing the movie for the first time, I figured the entire “strategy” for the final game was a bunch of Hollywood writer crap. But kudos to you actually trying to fit it somehow to make sense.

    Personally, my brain could not process the idea of playing a 4-4 the entire season, facing a shotgun spread team, and then suddenly switching to a 5-2 zone defense at halftime. At halftime! Really? You know how long it takes to install a 3-4 zone defense to match up with 3 wide receivers with motion? Just describing everyone’s responsibilities and adjustments for one call takes 20 minutes. And if you’re sending 5, which presumably they are because the problem appears to be a lack of pressure, it takes even longer.

    Great movie. Hated that part.

    • ianaboyd

      You have to assume that the 5-2 monster was already in their package or that part makes zero sense. I mean, I’m sure it’s just writer crap trying to copy real football jargon from the times, but that’s how you’d make sense of that.

      Things really unravel there at the end, tactics-wise, before that they were doing fairly well.

      • Cameron

        Even if you assume it was in their playbook, it still doesn’t make sense to trot that out in the second half of the championship game without at least re-installing it during practice leading up to the game. Which if they had that scene, then it might have made sense. Maybe even been cool.

        • ianaboyd

          We could assume that maybe they did though, or that they used it regularly throughout the season in addition to their 4-4 stack, even though that’s pretty improbable for a HS team.

          • Cameron

            That’s a lot of assumptions for me to suspend my disbelief.

            Of course, there’s plenty HS squads I’ve seen run a bunch of different fronts from base 3-4 personnel, like 4-3 Under, 2-4-5, etc., but never a 4-4 stack. Maybe the closest I’ve seen at any level is the Patriots in a game against the Jets back in 2011 or 2012.

            Anyways. Great movie. Enjoyed the breakdown.

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