1. Cameron

    My boiled down take on what will make you look more attractive to NFL scouts as an offensive lineman:
    1) Starting from a three-point stance;
    2) Running a lot of traditional pro-style runs, e.g., power, counter, iso, etc.
    3) Being in pass protection for extended periods of time, e.g., homerun play-action passes, 7-step drops, etc..

    Does 1-3 actually make you a better offensive linemen at the NFL-level? Speaking as a fan of a team (Notre Dame) who benefits from this bias, my answer is probably not. It think it’s more important to have a good offensive line coach and play against a lot of good defenses. I.e., you should draft Nelson because the dude looked great against every NFL-level defender he went up against. Not because he lined up in a three-point stance in college. But let’s be real: NFL guys do like that three-point stance part.

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