1. Travis

    Most Baylor fans have no idea how lucky they are that we were somehow able to land Rhule after the shitshow. Over Oregon, no less. What a wonder.

    • ianaboyd

      Over Oregon? Is that confirmed?

      But Baylor offered him a huge pile of money and a ton of guaranteed seasons so he determined that rebuilding the roster and working in Texas was a pretty fantastic set up. Also James Franklin has what is probably his dream job in State College on lockdown…unless they crater without Joe Moorhead. I’m just rambling now.

      • Travis

        Yeah its confirmed. It was reported in the media, Rhule would never talk about it, and then at some random practice Phil Snow just explained everything about why they chose Baylor instead of Oregon when a reporter asked, lol. Snow said recruiting, basically.

  2. Bobby Baylor

    1-11…with more talent than he could ever dream of while at Temple. This fluff piece doesn’t even mention that more players left the program since Rhule arrived than before he left. Three more scholarship players left this week.

    We are 7 weeks away from a continuation of this coaching travesty earning 4-5 mil per year and getting beat by Liberty, UTSA, and Duke. Yeah, he’s an affable loser.

  3. Bobby Baylor

    Art Briles was exonerated in the investigation and paid $17m – the remainder of his contract. These are facts that have been publicly released. No active Baylor players football players have been convicted. You should get up to speed and refrain from what lawyers call defamation and slander.

    Rhule started 2017 with 64 3 star players and 10 4 star players on the roster. He finished 1-11, having lost to UTSA, Liberty, and Baylor.

    Take his carpet bagging loser ace, back to Philly, if you love him so much. He should be available late in the season.

  4. Bobby Baylor

    Want to wager on how the season goes?
    I am quite sure you have never played a down of football in your life. Tell us how you do it in Radnor or Penn Station. Tell us about Jerry and Joe Pa and all the kids.

    • ianaboyd

      I had to google Radnor to even have a clue of what you were talking about.

      A wager on what?

      I’ve never played a down of organized tackle football in my life.

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