• ianaboyd

      That’s what I think of every time I hear about Pooka. That, flubber, and Oscar Pistorius. He’s either magical, using flubber in his cleats, or has some kind of springy prosthetic like Pistorius, IMO.

  1. System Poster

    As a Tech fan, I’m glad he’s off the market. I didn’t think there was a high chance that we would try to hire him, but I’m glad it’s fully off the table. For any head coach hiring, “I hope he makes a good hire and stays out of the way” is a pretty bad starting point. It’s particularly bad when the guy who is supposed to make the hire and stay out of the way was fired from his last job in some part for refusing to do so. Now he’s 65, and in my experience, people don’t usually become LESS stubborn with age.

    And I wonder what the odds are that Pooka (and Corione Harris) stays at KU. Do they really want to sign on for another year of a rebuild in an empty stadium at a college so far from home?

    • ianaboyd

      Good points.

      I think KU will open up the vaults to:

      A) hire a big name OC
      B) retain key players
      C) make some splashes by signing local star recruits

      Because all of those steps will be crucial. As far as Miles and meddling, I don’t know enough about him to say but he’s been ruminating for a few years now on how he lost his LSU gig for failing to keep his hands off the O.

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