1. Will

    Always a pleasure when these come out. Thanks Ian! I’ve been meaning to comment for a while, just haven’t had the focus. I posted a link on Smoking Musket, guess no one else felt like weighing in.

    Brown also picked up this kid:


    6’5, projected at FS (although other schools looked at him as a WR). He had a good offer sheet, 17 including Florida and Oregon. Only weighs 180ish pounds and looks like he has 0% body fat so he’ll need time before he can see the field. He’s got the kind of size to help cancel out all the gigantic deep threats in the Big 12.

    I found it noteworthy that Brown beat out Satterfield for both Lynn and Jordan Jefferson down the stretch. It’s a sign that WVU got the better recruiter out of the two best Sunbelt coaches. Louisville is a program WVU competes with often for kids so it’s something to monitor over the years.

    I don’t have a ton of thoughts on this class because of the new staff. But…

    I’m really excited Miller is already on campus. LSU thought he would be starting for them next year before they had some young guys break out. I think that speaks to his readiness for P5 ball. I’m not expecting a Douglas clone (I never expect that from any WVU CB recruit) but dear lord, he can’t be more ineffective than the returning crew was down the stretch.

    USC came hard after Yates on signing day, I believe when Kingsbury was there. So I think there is probably some upside there.

    Everything I’ve read suggests Smith is the surest thing in this class. Glad to see you agree.

    Wright is a guy that the guys who cover WVU are high on. He has some wiggle and Brown’s offense is supposedly pretty good at getting guys in spots where a miss can lead to a big play (guess that’s everyone nowadays though).

    In the aggregate, I like this class. The average composite rating is pretty high for WVU (approximately .857, last year’s was above 86 but most of Holgo’s classes were around 84). The offer sheets most of these kids had seemed more impressive than past classes too (and in line with last year’s).

    I think Brown is probably walking into one of the most talented groups of underclassmen WVU has had since I’ve been a fan, even if the numbers are a bit low. I’m excited to see what he can do with them.

    I liked Holgo a lot and think he is well on his way to becoming, at least, Mike Gundy. But Brown’s upside as a coach is tantalizing. The fact that he kept every kid in the class onboard and added some quality on second signing day is a really impressive start.

  2. Found this site while going down the 1988 Mojo Panthers rabbit hole. Great stuff, very excited to become a regular reader. I grew up loving WVU, the Big 10 and SWC football. Growing up in Ohio and hating OSU you tend to pull for the entire Big 10, don’t know why I feel in love with the SWC. Pony Express and the style of option football back in the day probably had a lot to do with it.

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