1. Fitz

    I’ve always wondered what these staffs of 20+ people labeled “analysts” do for big time programs. I’m sure a chunk of it is advanced scouting or recruit evaluation but wouldn’t be shocked if some guy does look at the insider boards etc.

    Programs obviously have the cash to spend $10/month on multiple team boards to get info. I’m sure all they’re looking for is data like the above they can sort of hypothesize what that means in the fall. Also, would be sort of worth it to figure out what moderator is close to the staff and if during game week they say something like “Don’t count on Player X to make an impact this week” telling that a player who is “probable” all week is really out.

    • ianaboyd

      Yup, you can get all kinds of stuff that way, or you can get counterintelligence from staffs that know you’re looking for it. It’s a tricky game and I bet most don’t get as into the weeds, piecing things together as Patterson seems to do. Because he’s good at it and, as we’ll get to in a later post, it’s important to what he does.

      • Philly Frog

        When you’ve been at the same job for so long as him, and have had the luxury of building up the infrastructure to fit you like a glove…….

        If John LeCarre wrote a book on college football, he’d have a character in that looks a lot like Patterson.

        The working title: “The OU House”.

    • ianaboyd

      Nice, I knew when I heard his answer to that question that I’d just filled out a ton of beat writers’ preseason content coffers by giving him a chance to praise the working class nature of West Virginians.

      Saw a lot of articles in the wake of media days from people running with quotes that my questions yielded. That Neal Brown one was easy content, he came across as a pretty smart dude.

  2. […] As we covered the other day, Patterson is exhaustive in his scouting and gameplanning even well beyond simply charting tendencies out of different formations and in different situations. His defense is also designed to help him be flexible in thwarting opponents so that the Frogs can ruin your play calls as often as not and refuse to give up touchdowns in either event. […]

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