1. Philly Frog

    The Montrel Wilson thing is weird.

    The people who should know ain’t saying, and those who don’t know are saying silly stuff.

    We had an eerily similar episode with Ridwan Issahaku last year.

    Good work, Ian. PS: Collins is likely back in a couple weeks. Deep bone bruise.

    • ianaboyd

      There was some bad juju out there about Ridwan, I was surprised he ended up playing last year. Before the year it sounded like he was done.

      Patterson exercises a lot of control over everything around the program, I figure.

  2. Philly Frog


    “You also need to be all-in with regards to your practice format and your approach to installation and preparation.”

    Talking that way about Mike reminds me an awful lot of how Hamlet talked about poor Yorick: “…how/ abhorred in my imagination it is.”

      • Clayton Davis

        LSU had a nasty defense that year, and only 2 offenses really gave them a lot of trouble, Oregon and WVU. In both cases LSU was able to use multiple turnovers to their advantage, to the point where a close game that could have been a loss turned into a blowout win.

        Both of those offenses were unconventional but neither of them could stress a defense like OSU’s could. Texas and OU both had pretty good defenses that year, and OSU shredded them all the same.

        It would probably come down to turnovers. LSU and OSU were the two top teams in turnover margin that year. OSU was good at taking care of the ball except in their two closest games, losing the ball 4 times against K-State in a 7 point win and 5(!) times in the loss to Iowa State.

        I’m not married to a prediction either, but I do lean towards an OSU win if they had made it. That’s another fun “What if?” because it breaks the streak of SEC BCS championships at 5 and validates the Air Raid years earlier than our timeline. It also possibly stops the momentum for a playoff, or maybe shifts it in a different way since Alabama didn’t get their shot at a rematch and cost the SEC a title.

          • Clayton Davis

            That’s another one. McCoy doesn’t go down early, or Gilbert doesn’t give it up late and actually leads a game winning drive, which consists of more completions to Shipley.

  3. ryan

    Redmond isn’t practicing with the Rush(Jack) position group and Ruffin didn’t list him as one of his players. He’s been practicing with Thibs which suggests he’s playing at SDE behind Perkins. Could be temporary until Mann is back mid-season, or you may be right that Grinch doesn’t want him in coverage.

    Also, Kenneth Murray was a safety in high-school lol

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