1. Michael R Kramer

    Brent Dearmon doing solid work for the Hatter. Any chance you breakdown the Jayhawks new OC?

    • ianaboyd

      He’s done it for himself with a book and some instructional videos! But I may circle back to that, especially if they have a big game coming up or have another big performance.

      Short story is that he’s running a spread RPO offense.

  2. Joey

    Saw that you said it on Twitter, but I completely agree with your assessment that this Sooner team was never a playoff caliber team. The loss to K-state stings, but It seems like a necessary growing pain for Grinch and the Defense. Klieman and his staff had a great game plan and they executed.

    Hopefully Grinch makes some adjustments and steadies the ship. Also, without elaborating much, I’m ready for the Jalen Hurts year to be over. You alluded to it in the article, but people cite his stat line as proof of great qb play, but the offense seems much more limited this year than in years past. Guess that should have been expected.

    • ianaboyd

      His lack of ability in the pocket put a ceiling on what this offense can do and the extent to which they can maximize this WR corps. I preached that gospel all offseason but no one from Oklahoma wanted to hear it because he burned a Georgia team that didn’t play good contain with a few scrambles and runs.

      I think Grinch will be good, we’ll see how he adjusts though because everyone will be gunning for them now and they have some stout opponents coming up. The OU offense is going to be just fine if Spencer Rattler is near as good as I think he might be.

  3. Eliseo

    Now that it’s obvious that Mr. Orlando will be fired during the off-season. Who do you think should replace him? Do you think Texas could lure Jon Heacock away from Iowa State?

        • ianaboyd

          Always hard to know. There’s encouraging things, such as his emphasis on staying safe and sound on the back end and installing base defense. He’s tended to run a 4-3 quarters D in his previous stops with a S/LB hybrid rather than a nickel, which I don’t think really works in the Big 12, but that’s not a huge adjustment.

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