1. Al

    Eventually Patterson has to take the blame for their mediocre seasons. Since he’s done so much for that school in the last two decades, is TCU too in deep with Patterson to ever change coaches if needed?

      • Andrew


        What likelihood do you give Patterson in changing his style this off-season or going forward to accommodate a worthwhile offense?

        I’m honestly not quite sure what he’ll do. He’s basically an institute of his own at TCU, so he may not bother since his style has worked the past 20ish years. Also, I think he’s afraid that it’ll push his D to be closer to what BU has under Briles.

        Do you think he’ll make enough concessions and field something to what BU currently has? It’s a more explosive and efficient offense, but it’s a more complete team (when firing on all cylinders).

        • ianaboyd

          I don’t foresee Patterson making many drastic changes on defense. He is experimenting with three-down but he’ll have Ochaun Mathis and Colt Ellison back next year so I don’t know if he’ll keep going down that path or not. Definitely something to watch.

          I don’t thinK TCU will let him go on winning 5-6 games for long before they make a move. They surely count on the big revenues that football brought them, it’s a destination school now for out of state applicants and that’s largely because of football’s marketing.

          What do you mean by the Baylor comparison? To Baylor’s defensive style or Baylor’s offense?

          • Andrew


            To the fact that BU can be both efficient & explosive, going up tempo as needed & slowing the game down. Perhaps Patterson’s misgivings harken to what the old O under Briles looked like & Patterson is unwilling to put that kind of strain on his baby (D).

          • ianaboyd

            Ah I see, I think that’s a bit of a generous description of the Baylor offense but they are headed in that direction.

            I think the limitations on Patterson’s O relate to A) having young QBs and B) Gare wanting to protect his defense and try to win with his own side of the ball.

            That doesn’t really work though. Most of the good TCU teams this decade had explosive offenses and some of the good TCU Ds didn’t win many games because they didn’t have that.

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