1. JObhr

    It’s a good thing that the rest of the SEC agrees with you. Auburn just hired their FIFTH former Saban assist.

    Alabama’s accomplishment isn’t really diminished by the loss however. Watson is probably the only QB who provides the efficiency in the passing AND running game constraint to threaten the Tide. And it took an illegal pick play with 1 second left to do it.

    • ianaboyd

      Alabama’s accomplishment is definitely diminished by not winning the title…

      Tide D got beat in that game playing dime personnel and 2-deep coverage. Don’t have to have a dual threat QB to beat a team doing that.

      • JObhr

        Alabama losing alone isn’t shocking. Your post itself is an “I told you so,” and this game was similar to last year’s contest. Alabama was the same team it was in the previous 14 and for most of Saban’s tenure: great defense, imposing running game, and explosive passing game. The Tide need a little more efficiency throwing the ball (just like Ohio St).

        Scoreboard results don’t sway me. If the refs call the two blatant pick plays Clemson ran (including on the game winning TD pass), overtime is the most likely result.

        Alabama is close to making CFB into women’s college basketball with UConn an inevitable Final Four participant at worst annually. The Huskies have advantages over their competition that the Tide don’t necessarily have. Hopefully, changes in recruiting rules alter this.

        I’m an OU fan (aka quigley), but still appreciate what that program has accomplished.

        • ianaboyd

          I think a considerable part of Alabama’s success stems from the incompetence of their main rivals in the SEC.

          They’re an amazing machine but their hegemony is pretty absurd given the limited advantages they have over everyone else.

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