1. Cameron

    Urban Meyer’s penchant for not trying to persuade players to stay another year is just part of his overall recruiting strategy. He can sit down in four or five star recruit’s living room and tell them with complete candor that he is not going to impede from moving on to the NFL early. Which, you know, is something a lot of recruits want to hear.

    The downside of having massive turnover is obvious of course, but if you’re confident in your ability to keep recruiting high-level talent early on, it creates a reinforcing cycle of having more high-end recruits wanting to sign on.

    Also, on the cornerbacks playing man all the time, I frequently hear from former college defensive backs that its actually a boon to be in man coverage the entire game. Switching in and out of it, in their view, is much harder because its tougher to develop a rhythm and read on the guy you’re covering. So yeah, you need athletic guys to do it, but I think just leaving them in man is just Urban’s way of making it easier on the corners.

    • ianaboyd

      Totally agree on the recruiting strategy, I’m just saying that not everyone does it that way without fear that they’ll get killed by turnover.

      That makes sense about man, and I think today’s pattern-matching stuff takes a few years for guys to be able to execute on a team-wide level well enough to shut opponents down. TCU’s success implementing it from year to year is one of the things that has set Patterson apart from his peers.

      Of course in the article I’m also noting that it makes it much easier to cycle in new talent all the time if you’re just asking them to play man rather than knowing how to trade off receivers in different calls.

      • Cameron

        1) Yeah. You have to be very confident in your recruiting ability to head down that road.

        2) Right, I get that man coverage makes it easier on rotating guys in and out. I was just mentioning that there was probably an additional reason for that strategy as well.

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