1. Travis

    I’ve been trying to pin down the perfect description of Patterson for years, and I think you just might’ve done it with “garrulous and self-referential” lol. I will never forget his (self-referential) interview after they won the Alamo Bowl in that amazing comeback where their QB’s mother had just died.

    My wife got her Master’s at TCU and so lived there for several years. Ft. Worth is a great town, though unfortunately becoming ridiculously expensive. My pet theory is that there is no greater example of “resolving cognitive dissonance” than with TCU fans and Gary Patterson. He deserved to be praised, to be sure, for everything he has done for the school. But he is treated like a demigod, and my theory is that the fans are overcompensating for his more unseemly qualities, pretending they don’t exist.

    Anyway, damn good class. These QBs just keep getting better and better. It seems like every Big 12 team has access to a guy who could be one of the better QBs in the Big 12 in time.

    They’re set up to maintain their great RB play with Foster and Barlow. Foster reminds me (in his under-recruitedness) of Darius Anderson, who was quite clearly better than Sewo out of high school but most fans haven’t gotten the memo.

    Ellison is also going to be a guaranteed terror in their system.

    Looks like this class was solid maintenance of what they’ve got going.

    • Philly Frog


      Darius A had a legit offer from Alabama.

      AFA Patterson goes, you take the bad with the good and twice on Sundays. Close watchers say his heart is usually in the right place, although, to paraphrase Churchill, it sometimes requires elimination of all other alternatives first.

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