1. Jason Boa

    I have zero doubt he’ll be able to land one or two 4 star receivers every year with the recruiting pitch of “we’ll throw it 600 times per season”

  2. Buddy

    As an SEC guy, this hire has me excited but also a little cautious. In this regard, I have high hopes Leach will move the ball plenty, but I am unsure about exclusively 4WR sets, especially near the goal line and without a keep threat at QB.

    Can you see Leach going back to some 2TE sets like he once used at Tech, or maybe even mixing in some “Spread I” like many of his disciples? He will have a few TEs on the roster he inherits.

    Regardless, MISS STATE just became my favorite West team!

  3. Oh, man I can’t wait for this to happen
    If Mumme and Leach made it work at Kentucky, MSU has bett resources all around, too bad they’re in the West
    The Bulldogs have a very managable schedule in 2020 (they actually draw UK from the East) with New Mexico, @NC State, Tulane and Bama A&M for the OOC games
    Pencil in the Arkansas game, 1-1 with the East (Mizzou, UK) and they’re at 6-6 at worst

  4. System Poster

    As a fan of Leach, I hope it works, but I’m somewhat apprehensive. It’s true that he’ll have a lot more talent at at MSU than he’s had any time maybe short of the end of his tenure at Texas Tech, but in relative terms, he’s going to have a lot less talent compared to his conference opponents. Sure, it’s nice to pull in a top 25 class, but how useful is that in real terms when all of your conference opponents are pulling in even better classes?

    Also, MSU fans have to be concerned about the extent to which Leach’s offensive innovations are sort of baked in to the offenses other SEC teams are running. He’s not going to catch anybody by surprise with the Air Raid in the same way that A&M did in 2012 and 2013. The SEC west in particular now has lots of experience against high level Air Raid teams and a number of offenses have mixed in air raid concepts. Plus, Leach hasn’t shown much propensity for innovation like a lot of his acolytes have.

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