1. Cameron

    A fourth reason would be that the potential offers would be too low for how much they value Garoppolo. Good GMs make a habit of designating the approximate draft value they place on all of their players. That way when another team offers to trade draft pick(s) for a particular player, they already know their answer. The Patriots no doubt did this with Garoppolo. If they simply judged that Jimmy G is worth say, 2 first round picks, and had a pretty good idea they weren’t going to get that offer, then the decision is already made. But its not like Belichick decided he won’t trade Garoppolo under any circumstances. That would be very, if I may invent the term, unBelichickian.

    • ianaboyd

      That’s basically just putting an exact price on a thought process I’ve laid out.

      Determining that you’d need to get 2 first rounders in exchange for your back-up QB is basically the same thing as saying “we’re keeping him for these reasons.” No one would pay that, as you’re noting.

  2. Conine

    Or it could be that this is a smoke screen designed to drive up Garappalo’s price. As tight of a ship as the Patriots run, I tend to think any information that gets out has gotten out for a reason, and that what has gotten out isn’t necessarily true on its face.

    • ianaboyd

      Far be it from me to believe that Adam Schefter could never be manipulated, but I don’t think the Patriots are going to deal Garoppolo unless they don’t believe he’s actually capable of running the offense.

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