1. Davey OBrien

    The only way TCU returns to be a top level defense is if the Frogs get better play from their front six. If Tipa truly is lost due to off field issues that means the only experienced DE they return is Boesen. Huge upside at DE and at DT with their young linemen. It will be interesting to see how that group develops over the season. Think 2018 is when we see this group re-emerge as the best in the B12 as they only have a handful of seniors in Boesen, Howard, Douglas, Texada, and Orr.

    Bad joke in Ft. Worth is Patterson will be bringing in the Fayetteville PD week of OU to teach how to tackle Mayfield.

    Do agree Texas might be a big surprise offensively with a solid ground game to take pressure off the passing game. I am very interested to see what happens with Malik if they finally put him on the edge and let him wreak havoc instead of wasting him inside.

    Finally I think WVU is going to be better than expected. Dana seems to have made the switch to blending the run with the pass .

  2. Philly Frog

    If that Reagor kid is who I think he is, then I see the Frogs going a lot higher than 8th on offense.

    Ian, with your permission I’d like to forward this article to a certain Mr. Sonny Cumbie.

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Davey OBrien

    Interesting comments from Patterson about Niang and Blacklock. Both of those guys can have very big impacts on the success about their respective sides of the ball.

    If Niang can lock down the tackle position opposite of Noteboom and Schlottman inside the offensive line could make very big strides in the running game next year which opens that offense up to take advantage of the talent at wide receiver.

    Blacklock could give them the size inside defensively they sorely missed last year and if the rotation of Blacklock, Bradley, Broadnax, and Tu’ ua is legitimate that opens the door to use LJ Collier in a fashion similar to Lathan. That plays out and this defense starts trending in the right direction for the TCU program in 2017.

    • Philly Frog

      Bradley is reportedly up to 290#.

      We got a lot of b’s on the DL. Blacklock, Bradley, Broadnax, Boesen, Bowen, Bethley. Bush may spin down to DE.

      Killer Bees ™

      • Davey OBrien

        Big key is not if Bradley is up to 290, but is he effectively carrying the weight. He did not look as effective last year when he was above 270 than his freshman season, but that might have been my selective memory focusing on the big fourth down stop against OU.

        If Chris is and can that significantly boosts the Frogs interior defensive line rotation.

        I would love to see Collins and Cooper (Get a Maponga vibe watching his video.) start at DE to give the Frogs some size on the edge and am curious if we truly see Collier used in that role similar to Lathan.

        The pieces are there for the best front Frogs have ever had under Patterson when you consider they have projected for next year:

        Defensive Tackle
        Chris Bradley (sr)
        Joe Broadnax, Jr. (jr)
        Ezra Tu’ ua (jr)
        Ross Blacklock (rs-fr)
        Corey Bethley (fr)
        George Ellis III (fr)

        Defensive End
        Mat Boesen (sr)
        Ben Banogu (jr)
        Brandon Bowen (so)
        Isaiah Chambers (rs-fr)
        Gary Overshown (rs-fr)
        Dennis Collins (fr)
        Terrell Cooper (fr)

        L.J. Collier

        Fourteen bodies, bunch of potential, and the key to the defense getting back to top tier status.

        • Philly Frog

          Cody Eppley is likely to sign this week.

          JUCO DE transfer.

          Likely means Collier stays a 3-tech.

          • Davey OBrien

            Epley offer is interesting. Patterson and his staff obviously are pushing to fill a need which I like their being aggressive.

            Do wonder who is leaving after Spring as I believe Epley would put them over the number.

  4. Davey OBrien


    Question and I apologize for not tweeting, but the only twitter account I follow is TCU baseball.

    Your thoughts on Brett Lemoine of Neville HS being named the Frogs new Director of High School Relations?

    • ianaboyd

      Afraid I don’t know anything about Neville HS, much less Lemoine. Where is that school?

      • Davey OBrien

        Monroe, LA. School that produced Kevonte’ Turpin and John Diarse.

        Good high school program, but I am most intrigued about the ties to North La. They have always recruited the area hard and if they can uncover a couple of kids a year like Ni’Jeel Meeking it will be a very big hire.

        • ianaboyd

          Well yeah, that seems like a potentially really useful addition to the TCU recruiting machine.

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