1. Cameron

    Good stuff. A brief note.

    Living in Oregon, I had the opportunity to ask someone familiar with the inside of the program about the transition under Taggart. Best part of the conversation was when I asked how complicated or simple the defense was going to be. Guy answered “You ever see Jim Leavitt holding a play call sheet?” I told him I couldn’t recall ever seeing him doing so. And he followed that up with “There’s your answer.”

    • ianaboyd

      That’s kinda funny, I’ve noticed he ran a decently complex system. Probably a lot of player empowerment on the field though.

      • Cameron

        Oh, I’m sure it is not simple per se. But definitely got the impression that Jim Leavitt replayed the scene from Remember the Titans where the other coaches were shocked at the size of the offensive playbook Denzel Washington handed them.

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