1. Cameron

    “Mahomes is Brett Favre-like in the way the neighborhood teenager throwing rocks from the sidewalk and breaking windows of the old abandoned warehouse is Brett Favre-like: You love the arm but question the judgment.” – Mike Tanier

    Before last night, I thought any team drafting Mahomes without being willing to design around his talents was a waste of a pick. He’s got a lot of great attributes, but I think he’d fail miserably playing the role of a traditional NFL quarterback. Call the Richard Sherman principle: I can think a guy is great in one system, and would be awful in another. (Anyone who has watched Sherman play Cover 4 understands what I mean here.)

    But the Chiefs were willing to trade up for him, and Andy Reid has made strides adapting his offense to Alex Smith’s strengths, so maybe this was the best place for him to land.

    • ianaboyd

      Ha, but Mahomes wasn’t really INT-prone and he seemed to understand where everyone was on the field last year at Tech. I think he’ll need time but could grow into an excellent QB.

      • Cameron

        No, but he did make a lot of throws that were of the “wow, that’s an amazing play, but won’t work 4/5 times at the next level” variety.

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