1. Davey OBrien

    I know Hermann used a quarterback centered running game at UH which worked well until Ward got nicked up and then they had a few struggles.

    How real are the concerns over Buechele being able to hold up physically in the running game? Additionally, I know Ehlinger appears to have a much stronger frame, but he also at times seemed to relish the contact in high school. Works well when you area quarterback over 200 lbs. in high school, but that doesn’t always bode well in college when you are dealing with bigger and stronger defenders?

    • ianaboyd

      The concerns about Buechele holding up are very real but he has gained some weight and he’s always been tough. I think Trace McSorley or Baker Mayfield are the possible upside futures for Buechele as a runner. Capable of being involved but not a featured ballcarrier.

      Ehlinger needs to learn to protect himself more but he’s like 220 now and basically built like Tebow. I think he can be a featured inside runner with time, it’s the other stuff he has to figure out first.

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