1. Travis

    Fwiw, Baylor released the post-spring depth chart today and it had Taion Sells over Waz at FS. Hall at SS.

    Sells missed last year with an injury. He’s smaller but he’s a tough, quick twitch, instinctive type player.

    • ianaboyd

      I like Sells, I forgot he was still around.

      I wonder if they flipped their FS and SS designations though. At Temple the FS was in the boundary and SS played more man coverage.

      • Travis

        I was wondering the same thing. Could just be the communication guy’s error or whatever, too. Wouldn’t put too much stock in it, several guys who were hurt the entire spring are listed as starters.

  2. Philly Frog

    Hey Ian.

    This year’s safety crop for the Frogs seems interesting.

    Weak Safety is a nickorrback.

    Free Safety is small.

    Strong Safety is a haiku.

    Dunno if any those guys can play, but their names grade out fairly well.

  3. Cameron

    Against a mobile QB who can throw, it definitely feels like you need one of three things to hold up in coverage:
    A) A good cover strong safety, and a nickel / Sam backer solid versus the run; or
    B) A good cover nickel / Sam backer and a good downhill safety thumper; or
    C) A straight up great free safety.

  4. Davey OBrien

    Best option is the same one that has always worked and that is consistent pressure from your front along with being able to limit the run game with that same front.

    You do that and you are free to play all the games you want with the other defenders.

    You can’t get consistent pressure with the front and you can’t limit the run game and none of it matters.

    Might not make for the best off season conversation, but in the end the game is still decided at the top level by the play in the two lines.

    • ianaboyd

      Texas has been able to get pressure from the front for a few years now and still sucked.

      • Philly Frog

        Yeah, but mainly because their offense left their defense out until the bars closed.

        Watching the Texas offense these past three years was like watching baby seals getting clubbed. It’s a little surprising that PETA didn’t lodge protests.

        • ianaboyd

          I’d say mainly because the defensive backfield had no idea what they were doing.

          Go watch the Texas LBs try to fit the run against OSU or K-State…it’s remarkable. They have no idea what they’re supposed to be doing.

          • Philly Frog

            Let’s posit this a different way: Which unit was worse the last two seasons in Austin?

          • Philly Frog


            Which unit was worse in Austin the past two years: the offense, or the defense?

          • ianaboyd

            They were both worse in 2015. In 2016 the offense was much better, though still fatally flawed.

  5. Davey OBrien

    Which dual threat quarterback has torched Texas the past few seasons in the run game?

    Off the top of my head that was Hill in 2014, but I don’t seem to really recall the problems you are talking about in the article. Even in that game he didn’t mass huge numbers.

    Texas has had big defensive problems no doubt and it has been a combination of scheme, talent, and lack of putting talent in the proper position at times.

    I wouldn’t put them in the same class as the best defenses in the past few years.

    • ianaboyd

      Teams haven’t needed a dual threat QB to run over Texas for much of this decade, tho it doesn’t hurt. The linebackers have frequently not understood their assignments in the run fits. Last year was a total cluster.

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