1. Cameron

    My brother went to Boise State, so let me get my bias out of the way right now.

    As for the answer to your evocative title to your article, I’m going to so no for the time being. Their offensive approach is interesting, and it could end up being a key new underdog strategy. But the Cowboy defense has a long ways to go before I think there’s a new presumptive Mountain West king of the hill in town. Lots of bad defensive performances in 2016.

    • ianaboyd

      Their defense wasn’t that great but they return most of the good players, were undersized and undeveloped a year ago, and they sacked their DC and brought in another ND St guy.

      Whether they take down Boise or not, the evolution of the game and the test case that this is is a really interesting one for greater trends across the game. Boise is pushing the game forward on another level and the Cowboys are pushing something else entirely that’s really interesting.

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