1. Ian, I’ve been reading your stuff for years and I pay extra attention to anything “Veer and Shoot” related because of how simple and nasty the philosophy is.

    I’ve have always called this offense either the “Star Wars” or “Jedi” Offense due to the importance of “The Force”.

    This offense is the ultimate stress offense in that they will run the ball up the middle until it “forces or pulls” the D to bring their safeties up. Then they’ll just take deep shots until they “force or push” the safeties back to defend it. Then when the D thinks they’ve stopped both, the offense will just throw screens or short man beaters to the flat which “forces or pulls” the secondary to adjust to that. Throw in a running threat at QB and all hope is (almost) lost for the D.

    That is my corny was of viewing this offense but if I was a coach today, no matter what offense I wanted to run, I would make sure my #1 philosophy would be to stress or force the defense as much as I possibly can.

    As usual, you post great content, keep it up as I love using them in the video game world via my favorite game NCAA Football 06 and my blog ncaa06revival.com


    • ianaboyd

      Ha, nice.

      “The yin-yang killer” might be another one since it’s all about balancing extreme ends of the spectrum.

      • I would also call it the Triangle Offense as it only attacks the line, the flats, and deep. Draw those points on a football diagram and you’ll see nothing but triangles.

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