1. Cameron

    The Pac-12 rumor mill (so hefty grain of salt) is that Whittingham was looking for a jolt in the arm offensively and thought he could take the EWU approach and tailor it to be more of a ball-control offense. Now of course it remains to be seen whether Utah’s offense actually goes in that direction (e.g., WSU), or whether Whittingham allows his new coordinator to really open things up (e.g., Cal). Might depend on how quickly the offense comes along.

    It’s hard to know for sure what direction Utah will end up taking offensively, but it is almost self-evident that he realized he wasn’t going to contend for the Pac-12 title against teams like UW, USC, and Stanford without a more innovative offense. I’m really interested to see if that change in approach ends up matriculating down the line to guys like Aranda when they eventually get their head coaching gigs.

    • ianaboyd

      It makes sense to run this offense as a sort of ball control approach since it’s mostly intermediate routes. Washington St can hold the ball at times and inviting so much pass rush and team pursuit does wear a defense down.

      The question is whether Whittingham realizes these things are possible without putting slow, non-dangerous TEs on the field or trying to maintain an identity as a downhill team. Those are the things that are hard to combine with this offense, if he could pull that off he’ll go down as a legend.

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