1. Will

    You nailed it for WVU. Howard’s ability to run was a big part of converting, either in the red zone or on third down.

    Of course, the opposing defense was often looking run because they knew Howard struggled in the short passing game so maybe it balances out. But I think you are spot on flagging this as a bigger issue than replacing the departed linemen or receivers.

    Last year Holgo talked about not needing to use the Jet Sweep much because Howard’s running set the edge. I wonder if we see more sweeps to guys like Gary Jennings and Marcus Simms this year to compensate.

    • ianaboyd

      That would make sense, are either of those two gentlemen particularly explosive? I saw Jennings running some good routes but didn’t get a feel for his speed and don’t remember anything about Simms.

      • Will

        Simms is reportedly the fastest WR on the team according to the WR coach. He ran a ton of go routes once he got into the mix at the end of the season. I think he caught one against, maybe, Iowa State. Skyler missed him deep like 6 times in the Baylor game.

        Jennings saved the day against Baylor taking a quick slant 64 yards to the house when the offense was otherwise doing nothing. I just watched the game the other day, he dusted some dudes on that play. He also caught a 58 yard TD against ASU in the Cactus Bowl. He hasn’t been a regular contributor outside of getting hammered on punt returns for no gain, but he’s looked pretty explosive with the ball in his hand when Skyler could get it to him.

        • ianaboyd

          I think the WVU WR corps is going to surprise people when it’s Grier throwing them the ball this coming season.

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