1. Clayton Davis

    Tbf, it was an incredibly close game, not just on the final score. The final stats are pretty close, too.

  2. Mike Kramer


    Any thoughts on a more detailed look at the “back away” run schemes?

    I thought in the end the AL corps and secondary outplayed the GA units. No doubt
    Kirby will fix that in recruiting.

    • ianaboyd

      Well the Coach A did a nice breakdown on some back away runs from the perspective of how to defend them:

      I’m not going to say anything better than that. He thinks the key is having the DE stay home and I agree and feel the same about Matt Canada’s jet sweep offense.

      Kirby was probably shocked they were already so close to winning, just as Saban was shocked when they won in 2009. I bet Georgia takes a step back next year and then comes roaring back in 2019 with veteran Fromm throwing to veteran TEs and then a mauling OL blocking for Swift or whoever.

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